NEC 2490WUXI2 - service menu? - need your help...


Apr 7, 2009
One of my Friends has received an offer for 4 boxed 2490WUXI2 monitors. Well, claimed to be mint. The source is very reliable but nevertheless, I would like to check and verify how many hours they really have.

If someone would be so kind to point me, where in menu or perhaps, within service menu, one can actually fetch that information?

Any present owners still using 2490x series, who could supply firsthand information?

Thank you
I poked around in my 2090 and 3090's menus but couldn't find it. Googling for official docs suggests it's only unlocked if you do a spetraview calibration. I know my factory refurb 3090 did show only a handful of hours on the backlight when I got it; I'm guessing that means they did a cal before shipping it out.

thank you for your kind reply. Spectraview software was the ticket. However Nec support also swiftly offered another solution:

Please go to information screen - Please be informed if you go to this service menu the warranty of the screen will be cancelled. - Apply on reset/done/up at the same time. Apply on the button input.
Go to number 6.

Since I don't have monitors with me, and rely on friend's wis to manage, he failed to find that menu as "done" was matter of confusion. So I insisted he tries with Spectraview software and that brought sucesss.

Also, DanNelly, do you or anyone else reading this topic has any idea, where can one purchase Nec 2940x dedicated shading hood: 90HD262421

The only useful reference links to US/Japan Amazon site, but clearly as obsolete item and no longer available. As I wait for Nec support to let me know if this item is even available at such late date... perhaps someone knows direct or alternative source?

Pchood serves as only viable alternative, to best of my web searching. Anyone using Pchood to give us his/her impression?

thank you