Neat fractals, including one at 4096x3269


Aug 8, 2003
Hey everyone,

Here are some fractals created with a program I wrote. They're pretty big so I hope you have broadband :) You'll need a semi-modern browser able to view .PNG files.

All the images are from the Mandelbrot set. The program rendered the fractals at a high resolution (perhaps 4000xSomething) and I then scaled them down with Photoshop. output4.png is not scaled down and is presented in full 4096x3269 size (5:4 aspect ratio--I'm running in 1280x1024).

If you want, I could upload an even larger render--the program handles arbitrary sizes, but beyond 12500x10000 or so and you're talking serious disk usage. An uncompressed image of that size takes ~350mb :)

Questions/comments/suggestions for improvement?
Originally posted by Sagar1586
excuse me while i go vomit.

What the hell...No need to flame asshole.

Nice designs...A little too "hippy" for my liking, but cool nonetheless
it isn't a flame if the overload of colors and swirls actually makes me dizzy to the point of throwing up.
Hehehe lol. They are definitely a bit "loud" :) I like the adjective "hippy"--that's an excellent summary. I was just dinking around in photoshop, and with the "Replace color" command it's possible to get much different color schemes that maintain the smooth gradations.

I have a random palette generator in the program, but the palettes it tends to come up with are muddy and lacking in contrast. I'll have to think about this problem some more.
i like it more than almost anything here for the fact that its UNIQUE .... too many people copy others works ... this is a rgeat example of uniqueness ..... even though i dont like it all that much j/k :D

edit: btw .... gimme some of them shrooms ur eating ... :eek:
lol :) Thanks for the complements. Fractals are unique in some sense--I can just about guarentee that nobody has seen those parts of the mandelbrot set before for example. But at the same time, there is a distinct similarity between these images and others you've undoubtedly seen. Just search the web for hundreds more examples. I guess the only "me" in these images is that they're among my favorites, but I wouldn't even describe myself as a hippy lol

Side note: The server seems to be down at the moment--I'm not sure why. Please forgive the technical problem. Hopefully it will be back up soon.
those are rather interesting. I always liked fractals for some reason, even if I have NO idea what kind of math is used for them. And I dont think I would understand too well if someone tryed to tell me, me and my limited advanced algabra knowlage.