NBC Sports Televising Rocket League


Jun 22, 2008
I'm not a big soccer fan, but I sure do love to play a good game of Rocket League. Nothing like rocket-powered cars doing flips and moonsaults while chasing a humongous ball around a giant stadium, unless you count Rocket Jockey. For you fans of the game, NBC Sports Group is bringing the eSports to you this summer. You can now turn off your twitch stream and share with the family the hobby you use to spend time alone doing away from them. The company plans to broadcast the $100,000 2v2 tournament in July on Twitch.tv streaming competitor Faceit eventually broadcasting the grand finals on NBC Sports Network in August. Rocket League's "sports DNA" could potentially draw in new viewers such as sports fans unlike the FPS and RTS genre.

Counter-Strike has already been featured prominently on TV through Turner Broadcasting's esports division, ELeague, which has also broadcast Street Fighter and Overwatch tournaments in the past year.
E-sports is more exciting to me than traditional sports. NBC is probably doing this because they realize the new generation isn't as keen on normal sports either.

Come to think of it - wasn't there an article floating around about the decline of sports' popularity?
Gonna be hard to take viewers away from twitch

They may get new viewers though
Outside of the NFL and playoff NHL, I find League of Legends championships more fun to watch than real sports. I think it's the constant action and of course the broadcasters.
If the vehicles would crash upon not landing right then I might be into it.
I've been following CSGO for a while, and I watch it more than play it now. I have even been to a Major. This will only grow larger as I see more tv companies jump in. Eleague was awesome to watch, and I am glad it's returning soon.