NAND Flash Prices Expected to Drop in 2019


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Apr 10, 2003
NAND flash prices are expected to drop even further in 2019 after declining by 50% this year. This is due to the creation of more capacity expansion in the industry to meet demand. There are 6-7 leading manufacturers of NAND flash products and some may face increased pressure to remain profitable in the face of impending price drops. DRAM prices are expected to remain flat as only modest capacity expansions have been scheduled for 2019 although demand for DRAM has increased.

All these makers are actively building new production capacities for 96-layer 3D NAND chips at a pace of 50,000-100,000 pieces per month, and China's Yangtze Memory Technology is also ramping up its NAND flash production capacity to a maximum monthly level of 150,000 pieces. The resultant oversupply is expected to send NAND flash prices falling further in 2019, the sources indicated.
Our NAS' be like :


Same- my NAS needs feeding ;)
I'll believe it when I see it. All this does is increase the hype train which in turn increases the prices and/or lessens the price drop.

Why in hell do you think that I could pick up a NEW 1080 for under $400.00 before 8/20 and when that retard ceo Nvidia went on his gimmick, suddenly the prices for the 10 series of cards GONE UP???

Again this is only the spin doctoring of marketing to give to the press so to insure the prices will not drop down so fast.
Lower prices means I can replace more spinners with SSD's.

The extra disk I/O speed means I can run more VM's on my servers, since my main performance limit is currently the drives.
The lower power means I need less electricity and less air conditioning in my server room.

We run a huge number of VM's for software testing, and deduplication has cut my storage needs on some of my servers by over 80%.
However, on spinners, it slows down disk performance due to significantly more seeking.
SSD's have no noticeable slowdown when using deduplication, so more SSD's means I can expand it's usage.
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Believe it when I see it. Still demand for cell phones, pcs and consoles. Still go up too. Probabily go down but not hedging my bets.
good news.

Maybe we'll finally see 512gb nvme for $50.

that's my upgrade target price. If it never hits, I may have to wait another 5 years