My works


Oct 18, 2017
Hi guys!
I wanted to share with you some of my works. My main hobby is Digital painting, but i also tried 3d modeling (Zbrush rules)



The last one is purely 3d, but i still need to fix it.

*i tried to record my workflow with Mirillis Action!, and create my own YT channel, But work for a long time and often forget to turn the software on...
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Wow! Awesome work Anna! Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Keep at it!
Wieszcza is female for wieszcz which is prophet. Are you a prophet?

Nice paintings, mad background on the second one with the guitar girl.

Do you have a deviantart page?
My conclusion to any jaw-dropping artwork is that they were made by Aliens.
Looks awesome. Keep up the good work. I see stuff like this and really wish I had a single artistic bone or muscle or anything artistic in my body.
Awesome ... I'm blown away ...

I'm a little bit envy too; but thats just my own incapability of artistic that way; I wish I had 0.001% of that skill
Very nice work. You should be working for some major studio doing concept art.