My wallpaper thread.

Dude that is just epic! That is now the wallpaper on my desktop and my cell phone. Well done.
[H]ard|OCP 5760x1200 Sorry I can't get the thumbnail to work.

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Yes, the circle gradient is what I was talking about. So take the corner square pattern across the entire wallpaper, if that makes any sense...
crap I reloaded a darker one. or do you like the lighter one?
I like your minimalist style.

I am requesting a blue "star of life" wallpaper.
I really like the hexagonal depth style. Wanna try a white version of that background?

I am requesting a "caduceus" wallpaper.
Dark background will probably be better for that one.
Hey mullet, absolutely love the wallpapers!!! I posted here a few months ago and just wanted to check back to see if it'd be possible to get either of these done??

Any chance you could do something similar to these previous wallpapers. I like the lighter grey background and the blue Windows logo. But with "Windows Home Server" or "Windows Home Server 2011" somehow incorporated?? Thanks.


Sorry dar124, I must have missed it some how. The wallpaper with the round win logo I tried to put text on it 5 different ways and it looked terrible. I may try later.

Hey, no worries mullet. Thanks for making those changes. Love the wallpaper!!! :D
I saw a SilverStone wp in here...can someone put up a Lian Li wp? thanks! (the logo is a bit 2D, is it possible to make it more 3D?)
Any chance you could make a solid black one, with a baby blue Asus ROG logo. Like this wallpaper only solid black?

Could you look into making a Razer wallpaper? Specifically with the green version of the logo.
Really nice wallpapers, the Gamers of Republic ones are pretty sweet.
Any chance you could do an updated AMD one?

black/grey textured background with an FX logo in the center that is 5760x1080?
That is freakin' sweet! Thanks alot.

If you want to do anymore like that, that would be awesome as well. The last ROG with the same AMD logo. :D

Thx, glad you like it. I will try and do more 5760x1080 wallpapers but it is a pain to do on a single monitor.