My wallpaper thread.

These are really nice, man, thanks.

If you are willing to take a request, maybe an AMD green in this style from page 1:

And if not, thanks again for these, they are great.

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Dude, this is awesome stuff!!! I love it all. Is it OK with you if I group them three across for my triple screen setup?
This also looks great as a custom CSS for HardOCP :D

I'm using this, altho might want to put the image somewhere else (and use the right size for your desktop)..
 background-image: url( !important;
 background-repeat: no-repeat;
 background-attachment: fixed;
 background-position: 50% 50%;
good job! i dig em

ffs: i dont post as often as i used to but i just noticed im close to my 10th birthday. I feel like an old fuck now.

god dammit.
Nicely done really nice work. Also nice job getting featured on the [H] front page.
I did the debian, I will think of something for win 7.

Wonderful wallpaper for Debian! I use Windows 7 and Debian and I always found Debian's other wallpapers as being too colorfull, yours is nice and two-toned :)
Fantastic work man!

If you are willing I'd like one with the Boeing logo similar to the Debian one or the Xeon one.

This isn't a "Post your wallpaper!!!" thread - it's a thread where the OP (and only the OP) was showing off a custom designed wallpaper he designed and some folks asked him to create specific ones similar to the original one but with different logos...

Just so you know what you stepped into. :D

Now, if you'd posted yourself using those custom wallpapers the OP has designed and shared in this thread, well, that would be forgivable to some degree. :p
mullet. I really like your stuff and appreciate that you make it available for free. Can I have a blank of each kind? That way I can put one of the logos in the the middle and blanks on either side.
If you ever have the time, a NASA one with the "worm" logo - similar to your boeing wallpaper - would look awesome