My Silent Fart case

Silent Fart

Limp Gawd
Oct 3, 2003
Hey guys, don't post much here but here is the beginning worklog for my project. So I bought this case for about 35 dollars and then decided to hack the heck out of it. So here are the beginning pictures or the left side (my name) top (built in cut fangrill) and left side (biohazard symbol)
-Silent Fart

my name ^^

top ^^

looks like a good start. the cutouts look very clean, how did you do them?
Since the case is very very thin aluminum I called in a favor with my friend at a metal shop and had him cut out the cad I drew, this was only because my jigsaw rips aluminum cases to pieces. Steal only baby. He is also machining my some waterblocks for this case too.
-Silent Fart
you think your friend could machine me a 19"x3.5" piece of aluminum ;)

looks good so far :)
thats gonne be pretty cool
since the cuts r clean that means no shitty black side cover stuff either big bonus in my book