My Problem


Dec 18, 2000
I was lucky enough to snag an old server with a scsi CD tower from work for $5 the other day. I burned a copy of Fedora Core 1 to put on it.

Here are the specs:
Pentium 120, 160 megs RAM, 2 9 gig scsi HD's, ...

When I tried to install, it told me I don;t have enough RAM.
So I'm wondering, is there in distro I can use with the possibility of having some amoung ot graphical interface, or am I screwed? I could get hardcore with the text mode if I have to I guess.

Note: We basically wanna just use this is as a file server on the little network we have setup. Thanks.
You don't need a GUI for a file server...Especially with those kind of specs, you might as well forget a GUI unless you want to go very minimalist...But again, what do you need a GUI on a file server for?

If you must, find something a bit more lightweight to start with (Debian? Slackware? FreeBSD would be my choice...) if you want to use a GUI.

If you plan on doing any real unix admin work, learn to live without the GUI.
Fedora reccomends 200mhz for text only, the error on install actually complained about not enough memory.

I'm a noob, but I want something to learn from, but also get something accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, as far as installation goes. Any reccomendations from that bunch?
I'd be curious about this. As a linux novice, I see the question come up a lot and see it suggested that a GUI isn't needed for minimal installs, however most of the guides and books I have seen don't show the minimalist way of going about a linux installation and setting up say an ftp server. Does anyone have some good links to sites that could show how to do the conf file editing and configuration via comman line only? Also, admittedly, I have never used lynx, which I am guessing would be used to do all the downloading of necessary files. Some links would be great for myself and others to add to our link farms.
i've never used FreeBSD, but from what i hear, it might be the best for you.

i've been using gentoo for a while (yeah, another gentoo fanboy), and it can do what you ask it to do. installing packages will be easy, but i imagine the FreeBSD would be easy as well, since the cd will have everything.

as for the downloading, if you know the url, you can always use the 'wget' command.
With a Debian install you end up with just a command promt at the end. Use wget to get files or apt-get to install apps.

As for how to configure things, you have to get a good book. Linux Adminstration Handbook is great for walking you through setting up many types of server with RH, Debian, and SuSE.

Stay away from the Bible books, They seem to include waaay to much gui info. Another good book is Essential System Administration from Oreilly (I's at home) It is just about all text based configuring for everything and a lot of theory behind it such as securing a system, using pam, and more.