My PC changed user accounts


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Aug 18, 2005
So I have my computer in the bedroom and we have a family pc in another room. I was the only user on mine and my son, daughter, and wife each have an account on the family pc. So I hop on mine and the user that pops up is my son's account. He is no longer living here(marine corps) so I haven't been able to see if I can log in but how would that happen? We use wired ethernet and I'm guessing that's how it happened but not sure why.

Any advice?
Ok I was able to login by resetting the password through my son's phone. It looks like my desktop and I can see all the drives. Just not sure how his log in jumped to my computer.
i am thinking it was just local but it may have been microsoft account. we both have seperate microsoft accounts because we game.

as 4saken said, i dont really know for sure.

maybe "boomer" applies here as well

i talked to the IT guru here at work and he said microsoft "decided" my computer was also my sons computer.
If you're using an online MS account, maybe your son changed the name to his not thinking it would have any effect on your PC account? Not sure, that's a weird one.
Sounds like the computer was linked to a Microsoft online account or someone signed into their Microsoft online account while on the current local account and it may have applied the settings from the Microsoft online account.
we did get him a laptop recently. He is in the Marine Corps and we went to visit him and bring him the laptop in Pensacola. when we came back thats when my PC had his log in screen.
So that make sense(i dont know how any of that works but at least i kinda know what happened after you guys explained it.)

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