My Fractal Node 202 build


May 7, 2017
Hi, I wanted to post my Node 202 build. Parts are:

Ryzen 1500X
-id-cooling is40-v3 (CPU cooler)
Biostar X370GTN
G.skill FlareX 2×8gb 2400
Chieftec 500W SFX-L
Intel 600p 512gb
EVGA 1080 SC

So yeah, I have AMD, Nvidia, and Intel working together great :)
It's meant to be HTPC/4K gaming machine.

I'm really pleased with how cable management turned out.

Here are the pictures:





Nice, how are your temps though? When the Node 202 was released, reviews were quite mixed about it's thermal performance in the GPU area and that 1080 is a beast.
I still need to do a 202 build, I love the way they look especially horizontal with other media equipment. Really nice job on the cable management, that is not an easy case to make clean.
Thanks guys! Temps are not so great at the moment, especially CPU. GPU is ok but fans are spinning pretty high. At least in synthetics. But I'm about to do some changes and I will post before and after results. I hope on getting big improvements :)
I did a few modifications and measure temps before and after.

I've added two 120mm fans (CM silencio 3pin @900rpm) in front of the GPU, I've removed dust filters on CPU and GPU, and removed the IO shield. I've also set the manual voltage on the CPU because stock value was unnecessarily high.

For testing I've used furmark for GPU (xtreme burn-in, 4K, 8xmsaa), and aida64 fpu stress test for CPU.

Before mods, temps were 82C on GPU with fans on 90%, and CPU reached 94C.

After mods I've seen a huge difference, GPU was at 70C with fans on 63%, and CPU was on 85C with fan limited to 2300 rpm which is not to noisy.

Picture of current state, after 15 mins of sintetic stress tests:

Full size:


While playing (4K 60 fps, vsync) situation is much better, CPU fan is very quiet, and depending on what game I'm playing, you can hear GPU fans, but they are not to loud. Not bad result considering some people had problems even with gtx1060 in this case.