My First TV


Aug 29, 2008
I just got my first TV in my dorm. I think it's a pretty decent start to a good home theater setup (considering my very low budget).The TV is a Samsung 32in 720p LCD (LN32B460). No 5.1 surround yet, but I'm using my ancient Sony mini-system for sound. Surround sound and an HTPC are on the list of upgrades (and a TV stand... I'm using the hutch from my dorm provided desk) I'm using a Roku HD for Netflix streaming, and a PS2 slim for DVDs and some gaming. I didn't have a DVD remote for the PS2, but I found a Logitech Harmony 520 for cheap on eBay, so that's what I'm using to control everything. This whole system is quite an upgrade from just having my PC with a TV tuner and Hulu. I miss the DVR features of Windows Media Center, though, hence an HTPC being on the list of upgrades.

nice setup for a dorm room

that nerf gun will come in handy for the college dorm zombie attacks that occurs late at night, been there done that... (assuming you're in a college dorm)
Thank you, I'm pretty proud of my setup :) I have considered a sound bar, but I'm not sure if it makes sense to invest in a sound bar or if I would rather hold out and save for a decent 5.1 system for when I'm in something other than a dorm. I'll be getting an apartment when I graduate in a few months, and will probably be in apartments for a few years, though, so I don't know.

(Yeah, it's a college dorm, and the nerf guns are a necessity :-P )
Just moved and updated our setup a bit. I added 6.1 surround with a Yamaha speaker set and receiver I picked up for cheap on craigslist, and my wife and I got a Wii for our wedding last month. We also picked up a TV stand on clearance, and got a free couch from a neighbor. The whole setup is coming together quite nicely :)



Thats a nice couch! I got a free one when i first moved out and it was neon orange. It sure was comfy though.