My first gaming pc-Need advice!


Dec 13, 2019
Hello everyone! So, in a month from now I will be building my very first gaming pc. I want my pc to run games at 1440p resolution 144hz. So here is the build:

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
GPU: 5700xt red devil
RAM: 16GB ddr4 g.skill trident Z 3600mhz
MOBO: B450 tomahawk max
PSU: 2 options here: a) Seasonic Focus Plus 550 gold (100$)
b) Be Quiet Straight Power 11 650w (100$)
CASE: Fractal Design Meshify C Dark TG
HDD: 2tb barracuda
SSD: Kingston A400 480GB
FANS: Corsair ll120 3pack
CPU COOLER: Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo

As a monitor I will be using the Samsung CJG50 , a curved 27'',1440p 144hz, 4ms response time

A) Is the build okay? Is there something I could change for a better value?
B) Will the pc run games like Witcher 3, Far Cry 5, RDR2, heavily modded skyrim, in 1440p, with decent fps?
C) Need your help on which PSU to choose. Many told me to go with the seasonic one because I dont need 650w for such a build and their Psus are top.

Thank you :)
  • I'd personally go with a higher-tier SSD over the Kingston. The difference won't be huge, but for OS I think it will benefit. Even if you stayed with SATA, a higher-end drive (not sure if A400 is DRAM-less?) will give you better performance, especially on writes. The motherboard supports M.2/NVME, and there are some affordable/performant options now depending on your budget (lower-price I'd go with a Phison E12-based drive, higher I'd go maybe with WD SN750 Black, etc) so I see no reason to avoid going with an NVME drive for the SSD, it will even save you some cabling/room as a bonus.

  • Seasonic is one of the best names in PSUs and generally tend to be high-quality. Looks like the Straight Power 11 is well-reviewed and built with decent parts, so probably also a safe bet. Your hardware will probably hit something between 350W-400W total, if that. So either way I think you'll have headroom.

  • Everything else looks good, IMHO. The 5700XT holds its own pretty well in 1440p tests and I doubt the 2600x would bottleneck it. I'm a bit less-versed on AMD parts so others can chime in, but I think you're looking at solid 60+ fps at 1440p at relatively high settings.
I checked for some m.2 nvme drives and I found the Adata XPG Gammix s11 pro 512GB for 72€. Seems like a great value considering it has very fast read/write speeds. I can't find any Phison E12 drive here in Greece, unfortunately.
As for the PSU, yeah, seems like I will go with that since Seasonic is a really trustworthy company when it comes to power supplies.
Thanks for your help, highly appreciated :)
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I'd be looking towards a Ryzen 3000 (Zen 2) series instead.

Also wary of Kingston ever since they pulled a couple instances of downgrading models mid-run.
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The 2600x won't run that RAM at 3600Mhz. I'd either get a Zen 2 (3000 series) CPU like the 3600(x), 3700x, etc. or buy slower memory and save some money.
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