My aluminium loop is ready


Oct 13, 2008
Finally my Ryzen parts have arrived, so i could construct the loop from EK a240g.

1) Disassembling 1080 Ti is a pita. Had to use pliers to remove the screws under the backplate - those are very very tiny hexagonal screws, and it's very easy to kill PCB while taking them off

2) h440 is bad case for water cooling - no place to normally place a pump, you have to ghettomod case a bit (nothing that 2 sided tape won't fix), there is also little space between top rad and motherboard, so forget about thick rads.

3) the hose EK supplies with kit is pisspoor quality, it has issues with being properly placed on barbs

4) No problems with assembling kit - manual and training videos are simple to understand and easy to follow. Most of the tools are provided (you just need smaller than in kit Allen key to disassemble GPU).

5) Holy Batman. I run 1999mhz on GPU with 58c and zero noise (after 2 hours of looping heaven). Now I understand why you people are going water. My stock Ryzen 1700 is in 2d during simple tasks at 20c :) Ryzen OCed to 4,0 and 1,452 goes at 64, but I decided to dial down a bit to 3,9 and 1.368v and temps drop down to 53C during stress test.

6) additional rad is a must. 360 might cut is, but dual 240s are good. Fans are also quiet, and after a day no issue with them :)

7) blood red premix looks awesome. Now need to connect moar ledz to my Gaming 5 and lighten up case a bit. Also single bottle (900ml) is enough for a240g with additional rad.

8) loving water cooling now :)

9) yes, tubing placement might not be perfect, but it's my 1st loop ever. When I do it next year after flushing system, I'll run it better.


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Agreed! Nice work! And welcome to the water cooling club.

On your item 2, if space allows there are brackets that allow you to mount your pump/res to a radiator/fan. Performance-PCs has a good selection.
On your item 9, with your current parts layout I would go pump -> GPU -> CPU -> top rad -> front rad -> pump. It would shorten your tubing runs and make it look a little better. Performance would not change significantly since order really doesn't matter.
Well, next month I'm getting Fractal Design Define S, so everything is properly placed. And a higher res tube (204 mm), so it looks a bit better. So yes, I'm hooked to water :)
When you get your new case try to plan out your loop for shorter runs. Remember that loop order is not very important, shorter, straighter runs are better than longer, criss-crossing runs, and better looks is better ;) .

Another tip: You can re-use your current tubing. Most people recommend that you trim the ends off (about .75" to 1" or so) to re-use it. I've done it both ways (trimmed and untrimmed) and have not had any problems. Do not recommend re-using the coolant though. If there were any contaminants in the loop they will most likely be suspended in the coolant so just dump it and put fresh.