Multiple Carriers Pledge to Stop Selling Geolocation Data


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Mar 3, 2018
Following their investigation into the smartphone geolocation black market, Motherboard reports that AT&T will stop selling location data to third parties. More specifically, AT&T said they will "eliminate all location aggregation services - even those with clear consumer benefits." Meanwhile, another report from Motherboard suggests that Google Fi Customers are vulnerable to the same kind of exploits, and that Google is not happy about it. They have allegedly "required [their] network partners to shut it down as soon as possible." Like AT&T, T-Mobile was already in the process of pulling themselves away from location aggregators, but they seem to be accelerating their efforts now. Sprint's responses have been more vague, while Verizon told the Washington Post that they're shutting down location aggregator contracts too. But only time will tell if the network operators follow up on these promises

This isn’t the first time telcos have said they will take action against location aggregators. Last year Senator Ron Wyden and The New York Times reported that an aggregator called LocationSmart was providing data access that ultimately allowed low level law enforcement to track down phones without a warrant. In response, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint cut access to Securus, the company that was acting as a middleman between LocationSmart and the end users. Since then, the telcos have continued to provide location data access for other purposes, such as to roadside assistance firms for locating stranded customers for fraud prevention. For the second time in six months, carriers are pledging to stop sharing American’s location with middlemen without their knowledge," Wyden told Motherboard Thursday. "I’ll believe it when I see it. Carriers are always responsible for who ends up with their customers data—it’s not enough to lay the blame for misuse on downstream companies."
They are still going to track you. We volunteer so much information these days. It's kind of messrd up.
Unless there is a contract in place, they will continue. You can't have a legal contract that is verbal for more than 1 year. They have to loose money, or people need to be fired for it to hurt.
Because we take your privacy seriously. We will no longer sell your geolocation data. Rest assured, that information is totally stripped away from your username, password, email, phone number, social security and passport before we sell it. You're welcome!
This of course comes after all the cockroaches have been exposed, given a chance to scurry away under the next available object.

Hey guys, we'd be more inclined to believe you if you were going to stop doing this of your own volition... Not after you're exposed...
And, hopefully those making are making the pledge aren't ex-Microsoft & Facebook employees.
I like the idea of bounty hunters getting that location data, as it takes criminals off the streets. I don't care about that side. It's when I get advertisements shoved in my face when I go somewhere that I dislike it.
O yeah, suddenly we are making a 180 turn and get back to making our world better again,,,,,,, i cant see that happening as there are older and just as important issues that are still unresolved / ignored.

I am still so happy i have not spawned any kids myself, and i remain apprehensive against others that have done that and drift on on their pink cloud of bliss.

Remember this is just how i am and me not wanting to hide that, it is not a attack on your person or way of life, which i respect but might not understand.