Multi-use ultrabook <= 1500


Oct 2, 2007
Any advice for the following?

Must have:
- Screen 13"-15"
- Decent resolution
- Convertible to tablet form. I don't care if it's 2 screens, rotating screen, detachable screen, whatever, as long as it's solid.
- Decent processor
- Decent battery life

Nice to have:
- Excellent battery
- More powerful graphics
- Works with a good pen in tablet mode, a la Surface pro
- Lightweight

Basically, the Surface Pro would be ideal if it were a bit larger. Similarly, the Dell XPS 12 is close to what I'm looking for.

Usage is web, programming, latex, and light gaming, mostly on the go.

Thanks for the help.
Lenovo Yoga 13 with the highest configuration will run you about that much. Conventional laptop with tablet option, 13 inch IPS screen, good battery life, onboard graphics, good form factor, good keyboard, can use capacitive pen but no palm rejection.
I know you're after something with a 13" or bigger screen, but have you had a look at the Sony Vaio Duo 11? I just picked one up, has pretty much everything you've asked for. Yes the screen is only 11", but remember, it comes with a 1080p screen as standard, so you can get work done on with multiple windows quite easily.

Converts to tablet easily.

i7 processor.

Battery life is standard for an i7 tablet, but you can buy the slice battery that doubles the battery life and looks quite nice.

Comes with a very nice metal N-Trig pen. Works quite well.

Can understand you're after a 13" or larger, but I was the same until I tried out the Duo 11. Still very portable, yet can get all my work done on it. Plus it has full size HDMI and VGA ports if you need to use an external monitor.

Failing this, the Dell XPS 12 and the Yoga 13 would be good. Also, have a look at the Toshiba U925t. Has most of what you're looking for, 12" screen, standard ultrabook specs, only negative IMO is the low res screen and lack of pen.
Afkap, the Duo 11 does look like a nice machine. Is such a high resolution on such a small screen hard to see? If I recall, the Surface Pro scales everything for that very reason.