Mult-Radiator Configuration


Aug 5, 2017
Hey guys.. so I'm going to start work on a new build. I'm planning on using the Corsair Crystal Series 680X. The thing I'm a bit confused about is how to mount two radiators (CPU 360 mm + GPU 240 mm). I imagine the 360mm would mount on top, and the 240mm on the front, blowing forward, out the front. Would that mean I would need to reverse the fan on the back to blow outside air into the case? It doesn't look like I'd be able to mount the 240mm at the back of the case.

Thanks in advance for a tip.
Doesn't look like you can get the 360 up top. If anything it would need to go in the front and the 240 up top. But it looks like it might be a super tight fit based off the pictures/videos I am looking at. Looks like it can be done with a custom loop, but I think the top radiator is a 240mm. As for the fan layout I would go with the traditional front as intake and top/back as exhaust.

Here's a pretty good overview with options: Link
Custom loop with 360 and 240: Link
Perfect, thanks for the links. Guy in the video says 280mm top, 360mm in front. He says that if you use a 360 in front, there won't be enough room for a 280mm on top. But.. the way he's mounted the front radiator looks odd. Just put the fans on the opposite side and maybe the 240mm GPU rad will fit. Or maybe just use a 280mm CPU AIO. I'm building this for an i9-11900K. Not sure if a 280mm AIO would cut it. Or maybe the Lian Li 011 Dynamic might be the way to go... but reading similar problems with that case as well when trying to mount multiple radiators.

last edit on this. I think 280mm AIO for the CPU would be okay.

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Based off your picture you would need those front mount points for a 280 or even a 240 and honestly it looks like they are right above the radiator. So I do not think either will work with a 360mm rad up front. I think you are better off looking at other cases. This one IMO is designed for 3 x 120mm fans up front and then a single radiator up top or a 360mm up front with fans up top. It can be done, based off the video I posted, but I think you are in for more of a headache trying to shoe horn 2 radiators in there.

280 AIO should be plenty for an 11900K.
I think maybe I could mount a 280mm CPU AIO in the top of the 680X, then the 240mm GPU AIO in the front. I did measure my 3080 and it'll fit even with the front AIO and fan, but it's going to be close.

The other case I've been looking at is the Fractal Design Define 7. I like the look of the 680X though.