MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

The images of the graphics card looked very clean. I would like to state a fact. I would like to have this card for free and would write anything to get it for free.

(Thinks if I ask nicely they might put in a good word for me)
I loved the review, and these would great in the new setup I'm building. This will be the first major upgrade to my computer system in a few years. I'm going to build a new Sandy Bridge system and these would go great with in it. Right now I'm using a 9600GT POS that black screens whenever it wants to.

Heck I'm an ASUS guy but I would go MSI for my mobo hint hint :):)
I'm neither a pussy nor will i subject myself to posting normal drivel. I like MSI's 560 TI. I think it's shiney and the Twin Frozr II is one of the best GPU cooler's on the market. It would look sweet mounted on my MSI 890FXA-GD70. Now, please send it to me :).
That Twin Frozr (saving ink on the missing 'e'?) II cooler seems to be one heck of a beast! Really like the look of the Golden Edition :D.
First off you guys are awesome for getting involved on the forums like this, even if I dont win I will certainly consider MSI products in the future. In the market for a sandy bridge MB once they start shipping again, tell Microcenter to offer CPU/MB package deals on your boards and it will make it an easier choice!

As for the card, I have usually preferred the reference design for the last couple years but the cooler on these looks pretty awesome.
Totally diggin the Heatsink and design on this bad boy. Actually Considering this card for a new build...So it'd be nice to win since i for sure not buying 2 of these hah
While I'm not convinced that the 560Ti is a compelling part, MSI has the best overall implementation I've looked at. If it weren't for the 6950's, it would own the market segment.
II'm in the middle of picking/buying parts for a new SB build and have been eyeing the MSI graphics cards due to the custom cooling that is reviewed to work well. They are easy on the eyes as well ;)
Have an msi mobo and it has been good to me! I would love to own a video card from them as well. My mobo is a "budget" board but overclocked better than the previous asus $250 board with the same processor.
I really like how cool they if they would drop the price another $20-30 they would be freaking fantatstic.
Love my MSI 460 Hawk with the same cooling solution, it rocks. Would love to OC a 560 to 1 ghz.
Some games still run better on Nvidia hardware, hence it still can be of value when pitted against a 6950 1GB. Also could do with 1GHz overclock attempts! :D
Definitely in for this. These 560's are really nice, and the new cooling that MSI is putting on their cards with the frozr's are really a step up from previous generations. They're trying to put their stamp on quality, and it's really starting to show now.

Good luck, MSI! And me. :)
I have the 470 version of this card and I was pretty happy with the cooling on the card. Much cooler than the 285 it replaced. Hope I win this, BFG screwed me on my RMA for the 285 I am currently running my 3rd monitor on.
Lovin the MSI products. Twin Frozr has constantly been the best aftermarket cooling solution available. Until MSI one day unveils the TRI Frozr!! :)
I love the Twin Frozr thermal design (I like it cool and quiet). I also like that MSI's using high-end components.