MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

Miss my 4870x2 OC... such an awesome card!
Also had the GTX 295 MSI

Both very solid :) ... If i wasn't an upgrade whore :( ... Planning to get a Twin Frozr line GPU for 3D... but kinda tight on cash, so give it to me! ;D
Video card looks, sounds, and acts way better than stock. I love the MSi cards!!! I've become a real fan of MSi ever since I started purchasing their motherboards!
Looks well engineered. Contact with memory modules appear to be very good. Fans are a nice touch.
Hey the [H] made MSI's video on thier site.

I personally have never bought any of thier products. Just yesterday I started considering this exact video card for upgrade. I want 2 of them for my first sli setup. How about you pick me and I'll buy the other one as soon as my tax refund is recieved.
Normall I's post some BS about nothing, but I'm a folder, and would triple my output with those cards. Give them to me for the [H]orde! Or at least a good ATI client... ;)

Oh- MSI has always seemed like they care about quality, and the Frozr series are awesome, but I have to admit I hate the nems. :)
Just put one of these in a computer I built for a friend. It's a beast and the cooler is well made. Would look great SLI'd and mounted on my Big Bang X-Power.
drivel, drivel, drivel. I seriously do not see how this card could be better than a 470 twin frozr or SoC
The heatsink looks pretty badass on that video card. And from the review, it looks like it performs just as awesome.
MSI makes some great product at a good price, and I’ve never run into major problems with their stuff. These new cards look perfect; simple design (not overly flashy), yet stylish and the cooler looks beefy enough to keep things cool. I wish I had the cash for a new build, sigh…… oh well.

/Hugs my K8N Neo2+6600GT
This is exactly what I need. The benchmarks make this a good upgrade from my 2GB 5870's in Xfire. Winning one of these would be a good start on my upcoming 2GB/card GTX 560ti SLI I want to build for 3D system with a 27" ACER HN274H monitor. It definitely will find a happy home here.

Thanks for the opportunity!
The coolers definitely look nice. Too bad I can't use them since I plan for them to be watercooled.
The design makes me feel like my video card is a futuristic jet. Hopefully it's as fast as one, and not nearly as loud!

Also, it's much flashier than the 8800 GT I got from MSI many years ago, which helps it stand out in a busy market.

can I have it? :)
I'm really liking the new MSI stuff, from the MB's to the new video cards. They look good, and promises good performance. :)