MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

MSI has always been good in my eyes.

Love the look of the Twin Frozr II.

Good luck to all.

not really to all...just me bwahahaha!!
Looks good, actual metal on it instead of a bunch of plastic crap. I am actually getting a little tired of the big plastic brick trend, so this is a nice move. I would love to see them starting to come out with some nice copper looks again as well.
I like the focus on custom designs instead of just using reference designs and coolers.
Count me in for this!

I've always been a fan of MSI motherboards. I've been looking into trying out an MSI video card. I especially like the new video card line with the aftermarket coolers. The design is unique, but not crazy with bright colors and tons of plastic junk to make it look like an ubersuperdupertripleoverclocked stealth fighter. They didn't over do it, they just made it different. I like that.

I like it a lot. More cooling = better in my opinion. Also enables it to be overclocked even more getting a better value.
I like the beefed up power regulation system but why isnt there any heatsinks on the ram chips?
I'm actually really anxious to upgrade to some DX11 cards before Crysis 2 hits, so this would be perfect@!
Twin Frozr + Afterburner is a terrific after market combination. Keep up the good work, MSI!
heres STILL hoping to win something cool and frozn on the innertubes
I definitely dig the look. I like the slightly different approach in the cooler. I'd definitely love to have one!
OH OH - in the market for some new cards - would LOVE to put these to the test on my new 2600k!!

FROZR II makes all the difference. If they offered a lifetime warranty, we would see a lot less EVGA and XFX recommendations.
Gorgeous card, with good performance and great temperatures...that's the most important thing for me. It seems that MSI gets the fact that lower temperatures are a damn good thing.

Here's hoping for a win. ^_^
I like the cleaner look of the cards. I've grown tired of the game characters and anime stuff. Like the overclocking options and the new heatsink setup. Quiet = good. I'll take two please!
"KICKASS" "READY FOR 3DMARK11" I like the add: lots of bold new graphics! I just don't know if "military class components" is something to brag about.... :p
I was just looking at this for my latest build, the specs look great.
It would be great to win it!!