MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

i couldn't tell if that was a MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozer II or a Dalorian with a "Mr Fusion" attached to the back of it.
Im looking to friday friday friday!!! oh and the card looks's to replacing my current MSI card with a cooler looking MSI card. Win!
Almost 1000 entries. When does this end? If it hasn't yet, count me in!!!

I do like MSI's logo on the bracket. And the pipes look cool too. Maybe i would have to get a MSI mobo to match :D
I do love MSI's use of Solid Capacitors and great, exotic coolers, I loved my MSI Cyclone HD 4870 1GB!!! Count me In!!
How does this work if we win? I could use a new card, haven't been able to get an upgrade since I was in Iraq (new baby and all). The wife isn't as sympathetic to game system upgrades as she is to buying food and stuff lol.
All I have to say about MSI is I bought an open box p55 mobo from them for dirt cheap and it runs great!
Man things sure have changed. Just coming out of retirement. Feel like caveman lawyer. Only Battlefield 3 could give me the motivation to build another pc. Last one I bulit for Battlefield 2!

It would look great in the machine I haven't built yet!:D
Ive never owned a msi...but there is a first for everything. the card looks tight btw
I have an old MSI motherboard lying around somewhere and it to me was the best one I ever bought, yep, better than Asus and Gigabyte. To own an MSI graphics card I would feel the same way about that card than I did for that motherboard. :D My bro - in - law got me into MSI gear and I think the Twin Frozer II is one of the best offerings out there in GPUs. If I one this card I could pair it with my current 560 Ti and SLI would be ultimate madness gaming!! :)
I've owned a few MSI cards, great stuff.. I'd definitely love the opportunity to win one :) The advertisement really shows how MSI really geared this towards enthusiasts.. props on that.

The Twin Frozr design is pretty nice it just sucks it doesn't move air out of the case very well. My Twin Frozr GTX275 OC is good its just loud as can be. Also from the review it seems Nvidia needs to bump their ram amounts.
Have never used an MSI vid card always end up using their motherboards.
If this is open for international [H]ardusers then count me in! Looks like a badass card, and if its silent then even better! In my experience (mobos) I have never had anything bad to say about MSIs products so far.
MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II is a excellently binned gpu which harnesses a cooling design that not only cools 20c better than the reference design, but maintains a similar profile allowing SLI configuations on even the smallest multi-PCIe motherboard designs. Instead of spending $100 dollars on a bulky Thermalright solution or $130 on a whole board waterblock, this is the next best thing, and it comes included. Great value, great design, and awesome overclocking potential. If I had an extra $200, I'd get the MSI 560 Ti right now.
Ive never owned a msi...but there is a first for everything. the card looks tight btw

I've owned an MSI motherboard and it was a good quality board, I actually have another on the way. Their customer service is also pretty good, far better than Asus.
MSI used to be company just like any other ones, but their custom Twin Frozr thermal design really sets them apart nowadays.

I know I'll be looking out for an MSI card in my next purchse ;)
Well if I am qualified despite just having joined, I'd love to be in.

I came here today because I wanted to expand my forum presence and always have heard people mention [h] but I've never joined. I'm active on XS mainly.
Normal drivel. This would be a great card for my htpc gaming machine (current system after upgrade).