MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

Its good but what really does it for me is the 3 year warranty. That's the sort of thing a customer can value.
These cards are an outstanding value for the money! Would love to own two for SLi goodness.
I've been hearing great things about the Twin Frozr II. Would love to get my hands on one of em!
I really like the cooler placed on this video card. Looks sharp. The web page does, too.
Always have had great luck with MSI products. Mostly motherboards, but have done several builds with their graphics cards as well.
MSI are fortunately one of the few non-reference partners that take building the cards to the same standard as the reference design or better, actually seriously. The Twin-Frozr II cooler may be ridiculously named, but it's a very potent cooling solution used on a variety of cards, which allows a potentially very quiet alternative, for usually, quite a reasonable price. IMHO, it's high time the twin frozr II cooler appeared on the HD6900 series. If it can handle the heat of the GTX470, it can certainly handle those cards.
I just wonder why twin frozr cards don't have full shrouds to push air off to the sides more, other then that i love the dam cards, right mix between enthusiast and pricing usually.
I like the look of the card, i would also like to win it so i can put it in my PC where no one will see it
I'm not a "fan" on the cooling design. It seems counter intuitive to getting air out of the case. That said, GIMME.
Well, it looks nice. I don't think I've ever used a MSI product before. Perhaps I could get the chance? :D
Never once had MSI, been impressed by the numbers that come off the cards with the Twin Frozr coolers, and have been impressed with MSI Lighting series cards, just never had money to buy one.
Solid build quality, powerful, overclocks easily, runs cool and quiet performance. All I need in a stable and reliable video card.

Thanks for the opportunity.
Looks good. There are reasons to choose GTX560's over 6950's. Free is one of those better reasons.
In for the drawing! :)
This would be a great upgrade for my outdated 9600GT. The new heat sink and fan on this
baby will keep this card nice and cool and looks awesome too. Way to go MSI, [H]ardOCP ROCKS!!!
I like posting NORMAL DRIVEL!!!!! \o/ :D

But all in all, MSI has a great card on thier hands, I'm hoping that I can get my hands on it too; :D
I will smash my ASUS video card IF I win this one from MSI
I really need a card like the MSI N560GTX TI Twin Frozr II OC because I value great cooling solutions with. Can't have a great video card with out a great cooler that the MSI n560TX TI Win Frozr OC provides.

Cough cough Hair.
Coincidentally I'm eyeing up one of these cards to replace my elderly 7800GTX 256mb. I like the design of the MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC more than the competition; if I find myself inexplicably down a dark alley the MSI card is definitely the one I want jumping me.