MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!


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May 18, 1997
MSI is giving away two MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II to two lucky persons here on the HardForum. Along with the cards, we will be giving away 40 download coupons for Just Cause II and Mafia II.

You can see a full review of the outstanding MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC here.

You can find MSI's page for the GTX560 T here.

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I recently came back to MSI after about a 10 year hiatus, and I am impressed with the way they have gone. My 5770 Hawk is solid, and I'm sure the two 560's you give me will be as well :cool:
love MSI's heatsinks designs and performance..

neeed MOAR folding POWAAAAA!!!!!!
I'm currently trying to decide whether to scrap my 780i Q6700 system for a new rig. I'm leaning toward not making a move because I got hammered on my taxes this year. But if I was, I can honestly say that my preferred video card choice right now would be two MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II cards in SLI.

If I won a MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II card then I'd sell or giveaway both of my 8800GTX cards and use 1 MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II card in my current system until socket 2011 later this year and then I'd buy another and SLI them.
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The heatsink design makes it one of the slickest looking cards out there. And it performs well. Definitely a great combination of form and function. I'm in the process of putting a new build together right now and could definitely use one to help cut costs!
MSI design beats the crap out of ASUS. Finally a company trying to make a better cooling solution.
Why is the gold edition clocked slower than the SOC edition?
I like the direction MSI is taking to address the needs and desires of the enthusiast community.

Plus, I am also sketching out a new system for a summer build.:D
Twin Frozr cooler looks nice. My MSI P67 GD55 arrived DOA. I RMA it and then intel's recall happen.
MSI's always been good to me, whitebox hardware and otherwise. Don't see why a major branding of the video card would be any different.
I quite like the cooling solution they used for the card.

I've always been a fan of MSI. These cards would look great in a new build.
The MSI cards look good and the Afterburner software is awesome, these cards would rock in my new system!!!!
I do not have a lot of exposure to MSI, but I have increasingly heard good things about their hardware, and the software they package to support their products.

This product is eye-catching to say the least. As someone looking to build a computer in the coming months, I am pleased that MSI's offering are showing more and more polish.
These cards are the bomb.. I have had the pleasure of using a GTX 460 Hawk with twin Frozr cooler now for some time, the cooler looks great, is quiet at load and keeps my GTX 460 cooler than any GTX 460 currently on sale...

Great cooler design. I would certainly not want to miss out on a chance to upgrade to a GTX 560 card with Twin Frozr cooler...

Yes please, I'll take one off your hands and give it a good home.
Its kinda funny that my first card was an MSI X1950pro. Now, looking back then, the brand has differenciated itself from the other companies, not only releasing top notch boards aggressively priced (GD55 and GD65), but also releasing top notch cards such as the TFII.

Keep it up, MSI, I love my P67 GD65 (but bring us some mATX P67 goodies!!!!).
I would love to have one of your shiny new cards.

I have a 580 from you.

I use Afterburner all the time.

I will wash your car or walk your dog.:D
I love that they are using the hawk pcb but I wish that they would have used a stiffener on this card like they do with a lot of other ones because the cooler does not support the card
If this is open to Denmark also consider me in.

The card looks soo nice and would be perfect for my needs.