MSI Barebone System Give-Away

I own an MSI GTX 465 Twin Frozr Golden Edition that I was able to flash to a GTX 470. The quality of construction and effectiveness of the HSF are what sold me on the Twin Frozr line.
Part I like the best is it is better than what I have and free. I guess that is two things. So let me pick one. How about because it has 2 fans.
I own 3 MSI GTX460 Twin Frozr's (768mb). They fold 24/7 overclocked and slightly over-volted. They stay nice and cool as they never get above 60C!!! They are also quiet if you leave the fan on auto.
Anything quieter than stock cooling is a requirement, if I can buy that rather than apply an aftermarket cooler I'll do that every time. The Twin Frozr line of cards is always on my short list.
MSI is giving away a P67A-GD80 motherboard AND an N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II video card to one lucky winner. 5 others will be drawn and receive Homefront Steam codes courtesy of NVIDIA.



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The randomly drawn winners are!

MSI System Winner - Post # 487 - sabregen
Prize once again will be one P67A-GD80 and one N560GTX Twin Frozr II!

Homefront Download Steam Codes courtesy of NVIDIA.
32 - Putz
370 - compslckr
526 - kblah
830 - nippyjun
976 - Navilor

All winnners have been notified via PM.
Congrats to the winners!

Damn, I thought I won! Literally as soon as I went to the [H] and read the headline, an e-mail from [H]ardForum popped into my all excited, then saw it was a thread subscription update. Damn you horrible timing! :(
Congrats Sabregen! I'll be shipping out your prize ASAP and send Kyle to tracking # to forward to you.

Thanks to all the [H] members that took part in this - we'll be doing more soon!
wow i won something! all these years lmao

thank you [H] and MSI
The Twin Frozr card seems to be, at least in my opinion one of the only cards designed to handle a very huge problem that has come out with cards these days. Heating. I have burnt out two nvidia cards 250, and then the replacement 450. I am currently running my old school 9800 Gt that is handleing the heat quite well. I feel there design with the dual fans, the heat sinks, and the pipeing, may fix the problems I've been having with the new technology of video cards. Would love to get one of these. So heres my entry. :)

To late, but what the hell, ill try and be on time for the next one.
wahooo! I won one of the homefront download codes! I am pumped to give it a try tomorrow evening

edit: just watched some trailers... I am clearing my schedule and downloading it now!
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Well, MSI's FROZR cards have always had very impressive out of the box performance, and the custom cooling on the card really would help in overclocking greatly. Not to mention the very unique and powerful looking design of the card itself, this would really stand out nicely in a windowed case (even better in SLI).