MSI B450 Motherboards Support AM4 Processors with More Than 8 Cores


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Apr 10, 2003
According to this MSI promotional video for their upcoming B450 motherboard release, the AM4 socket will support a CPU with more than 8 cores in the future. The graphic occurs near the 55 second mark of the video. Preliminary testing has shown that the X470 motherboards have much more robust VRMs and cooling on the board to handle manual overclocking than the B450 variants. If using Precision Boost 2, all is fine, but hand overclocking to 4.2 GHz has shown issues with long term stability runs. Even with PB2, we have seen lower PB2 core speeds when fully loaded.
If AMD is going to add more cores to the AM4 platform then this is like cutting the head of the dragon off while you have it on the ground. I love competition in technology!

Carefully planned, built-up with new features, and perfectly executed for gamers and professionals alike, MSI B450 motherboards for AMD Ryzen processors are here to continue a legacy of greatness. Unleash demanding 8-core Ryzen CPUs with MSI Core Boost circuit optimizations and extended heatsinks. Update the BIOS easily with BIOS Flashback+ and stay on top of the game. Adapt your storage options with AMD's new SSD technology 'StoreMI' for accelerated data caching. Ensure consistent memory performance with DDR4 Boost backed by extensive and industry leading DRAM validation from MSI.
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Hmm, that's interesting.

Is MSI known for having better than competition VRM designs?
Ok but where are the z490 boards we were told would be shipping by now? I don't want to buy Ryzen till these are available.
Hmm, that's interesting.

Is MSI known for having better than competition VRM designs?
Unfortunately no.
For X370 they used cheap Nikos mosfets even on the flagship Titanium board and they got reamed for it in many reviews. MSI just used a higher quantity of cheap mosfets vs others.
Now for X470 they stepped up to Onsemi which are better, but Asus, Gigabyte, and Asrock use IR power stages or Nexfet on the higher end boards.
MSI is still behind a bit.
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