Motherboard “H61H2-AM3” does not recognices PCI-USB card “KEC 2580N4”


Oct 11, 2017
I need to use a PCI-USB card "KEC 2580N4" in a motherboard "H61H2-AM3". I plugged this card in a PCI slot that says "PCI1". Am using a PC with a 64bits Windows 7 Ultimate. Every time the card is plugged in the motherboard, the Windows does not initiates. It stays in the "initiating stage" for hours.

I have tried the Windows Secure Mode, and installing Windows with the card plugged but it does not initiates either.

How can I use this card in this PC ? What am I doing wrong ?

Thank you !
Probably doesn't have a win 7 driver. That card is ancient.
Thank you for your answer Kirbyrj !

You are right, the card is ancient. When you look for its specs you find other cards of the same family, and it says that windows XP is the limit support. The thing is that it worked in an Intel motherboard, model: DH61BE. This PC has a 64bits Windows 7 Ultimate, the drivers where installed automatically by windows and I was able to copy a movie to a pendrive (Check the printscreens I uploaded). I even tried to use the drivers of this motherboard in the H61H2-AM3, but when I plugged the card Windows did not initiate. I also tried to do this with original drivers (H61H2-AM3), and a Driver Pack Solution with the same result.

When I compared both motherboards there is an interesting difference in the PCI sockets:

H61H2-AM3 has a PCI1 and DH61BE has a PCI. This is written in the motherboard. I am still looking for information about PCI compatibility, but I would like to know what do you think about this difference.
Thanks again !


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