Monitor mount for three 27" displays?


Jun 13, 2002

Does anyone know if a quality sturdy mount for three 27" displays, specifically the U2711? I just bought three of them to connect to my new system running an ATI 6990.

I do fabricate and metal work so an alternative is me simply bending some tube and cutting brackets on my CNC plasma table to fabricate various mounts. Anyone have any good links showing pictures of some decent designs? I don't need articulating arms and such. I want all three displays on a central axis for a wrap around effect at a common horizontal height. I would say only the outside two displays would need adjustment as anything other than vertical will put the bezels out of alignment, so it would simply be used for fine tuning. It would be a fun project however it may be more cost and time effective to buy something if it's available.



Mar 23, 2010
I wanted to do this as well.

I had done some research at the various monitor stand companies and had decided I wanted to take a 1" piece of round bar (or something similar) and bend a slight arc on it and then use another companies VESA mounts that could clamp around a one inch bar. The one problem I encountered was at what angle the arc should be bent at to create the optimal viewing angles.

I never really did anymore than the initial planning because the monitor I had planned for ended up not being vesa compatible. So, now i'm waiting to see how the 27" Asus 120hz monitor is going to be.

I'm curious as to what you come up with!