Monitor/HDTV Backlighting


Nov 11, 2003
I just recently sent in an order for two new Acer monitors and now searching for some arms.. Just recently I have been browsing in the "post your displays" thread and noticed a lot of people using bias lighting/backlighting on their LCD setups.. I read across a lot of information on this and it seems like a good idea since I seem to strain my eyes often..

Question: As much as I read on this I still couldn't find a sure way to go about hooking a few ccfl's behind my monitor.. Aside from tapping them into my power supply and that just seems like a big wire mess waiting to happen.. How do you all go about doing these type of setups with backlighting?

I found a website that sells some type of package . However, they want $80 for just 2 14" sticks.. Only other option I found was using the ikea spot lamps and tinting the cover.

Thanks for any info.. Hopefully some of you can shed some light :D
Just get 2 cheap desk lamps at Office Depot and aim them twards the cieling. I have seen a lot of people doing this at work.

Thanks for that tip.. I will keep that in mind incase I ever need any heavy ambient lighting.

For anyone interested in doing this.

I found a product which plugs straight into an outlet and their called "lightbars". Easy enough they can be found in a lot of places and how I didn't come across this sooner is beyond me.. These are pretty inexpensive if your on a budget and don't overdo it. Their around $30.00 at amazon. :cool:
You might want to go with something cheaper for lcd monitors...but if you have a flatscreen tv then Ideal-lume is definitely the way to go. The standard one light (all you need, even for a 50") comes with an attached baffle so you can control the amount of light put out.
No flatscreen, I have a dlp tv.. I do like the dimmer function though.. Damn so many ideas..

From the start I may just go for the $30.00 lightbar and see how that holds out.. If it's anything like the ccfls I purchase then I don't expect it to last that long..
I use a daylight 6500k bulb with one of those desk lamps that has a clamp.
Thanks for the links all.. I'm going to try both out, fixtures and tubes..

Lance: You have the same monitor that I ordered.. Your setup looks good with the lighting.
Just an update on this from what I found if anyone is interested..

Just a few products which produce good results..

4 tube lighting from Ikea. No dimmer feature though, from what they claim.
Ikea Dioder

CCFL Method:
Molex to 12v Adapter
For the Molex-Adapter idea. 4 CCFL's in total could probably be ran off one adapter depending on the amps per CCFL set.. Using one per ccfl is probably ideal though.

Here is a hub, not sure how great they work though.. Running ccfl's from a psu either just for around the house lighting purposes or from a computer, a stationary hub maybe outside the casing..
Molex Hub

LED Strips:
Home LEDs
Junction Box for wiring the LED's into one source.

Rope Lighting:
Good article on rope lighting.

Another must have imo.. a search for "Wireless power outlet" will bring back a good way to power your LED's/Lamps/ most things that run from an outlet.. All by remote control..

Hopefully this will be of value for someone.. Now I feel like an idiot without knowing I could run a CCFL from my psu to my monitors.. Now that-that is out of the way, the above are great for just regular ambience or any purpose hdtv/monitor included.