Monitor and keyboard go dark, then restarts with different background - trying to help my sister long distance


Limp Gawd
Jun 13, 2002
My sister called me today with a problem with her PC. She lives a long way from me, so it makes troubleshooting her issue a bit difficult.

She has an HP Omen 30L-GT13 desktop that she bought last June. Today it started acting up, when she first noticed some "black pixels" on her monitor. Then after a while, the screen and her keyboard went dark for a bit, then came back up. She said it did it twice today. I tried to clarify if the machine had restarted, but she could not say for certain. She was just using MS Word and the internet.

I asked if the computer had made any odd noises, or if the fans had stopped/sped up, or there was any smoke or odor. She said no.

I know this is not much to go on yet. I have asked her to pay attention to details the next time this happens (assuming it does).

My first thought was that possibly the power supply is going bad. I was hoping for some ideas of what could cause that kind of issue, and if there is anything I can have her do to test her machine. I am not sure if she should continue to use it. I believe the machine has a one year warranty, and she has another month or so to get it fixed.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
have her blow it out and then contact hp as it should still be under warranty.