Modded NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 With 16 GB of VRAM Shows Impressive Performance Uplift

Ok, so I been thinkin...

Where did they get 2gb vram modules? The 3070 uses gddr6. Seems to me that the 3090ti is the only card using 2gb modules, but it is gddr6x....

So that makes me think they bought fresh modules.

Question for those out there with a 30 series...

Would you pay $150 to have someone upgrade the ram to 16gb/20gb?
I would pay it in a heartbeat on RTX 3070, because it was overpriced at $879 when I bought it back then, card runs prefect and should live on with noting really new coming down the pipe line cheap. I have other video cards to use, sending it off for awhile is no big deal if someone on the board decides to start doing these memory upgrades to on the side.

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