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Limp Gawd
Oct 16, 2004
i am planning on doing a monster energy drink computer.

very hot potential :D
thats nice and all but we prefer substance in a thread. I know it's the start of your worklog but you might want to explain something about it. A picture like that doesn't help.
sorry about that i got excited and didn't think
alright well im using a full tower chenming black case.
using green cold cathodes and cutting out the three claw scratches onto the top of the case.
the window will look like a open mouth with sharp teeth like a monster :p
putting 120mm in the window on top and drilling one in the front.
its a huge case too, three feet high! massive.

also airbrushing...when i get my airbrushes.......unleash on the inside of the door for the drives.
I'd like to see you try to cut through steel with a dremel. It's not gonna happen.
im not using a dremel, im using a jigsaw with a very small blade. it will make it easy work
then smooth out the edges with a dremel of course :D
it would be cool to have the claw start on the top of the case and cut down the side and have that be your window, then either paint or cut the monster out under it.
yeah i tried it once, it was horrible. If you can imagine what battery acid taste like then thats monster, no idea why people drink it. This mod could be very intresting if you wanna spend the time on it. Oh and you can cut through those with a dremal, trust me i spent a good amount of time doin it but mine came out pretty sweet as they go.
had to admit when I saw the title of this thread the theam of Monster House started running through my head...and damnit it won't quit!
elite.mafia said:
I'd like to see you try to cut through steel with a dremel. It's not gonna happen.

Hmm, that's funny, coulda sworn I cut the huge window in the side of my Antec SX 830 with a Dremel. I must have imagined it. Oh well.
Same here... window, blowholes, fan grills..... I must also have dreamed of buying the reinforced cutting wheels dozens of times and cutting bolts, rods, and rusted nuts.... Damn my memory! Why?!!! Oh Lord!!!......... ;)
Hmmm I must be dreaming about the thickness of the metal. Oh well.
ive done a ton of steel case mods... windows, blowholes, etc... it is definatly possible. However it is hard as hell compared to aluminum cases. I look at it this way. With a steal case your reinforced cutting discs last about 8 inches. where is with alluminum they last for about 20 inches of cutting.
yea i might try a dremel but a small jigsaw blade will work/last longer.....but a dremel will have more detail so really i haven't decided yet.
i was also wondering, im getting the xfx 6800 ultra video card with the duel monitor capability, but i was thinking about wasting my money and getting a 30"plasma tv. but then again two 21" would be awesome. wut do u guys think :confused:
Aren't all video cards capable of that? And don't waste your money on that, get two 17 inchers.
most of them, but just think, how cool would it be to have a plasma tv with your computer. to each his own. :cool:
I like this idea. Monster is a great drink and a supporter of some extreme sports contestants. I'll be keeping my eye on this.
ok i wasnt sure thanks for clarifying.. i was thinking that afterwards caus eits plasma but yeh
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