Mixed Mode CDs (audio+data)


Limp Gawd
Sep 13, 2002
I'm posting some notes on creating mixed mode CDs since I wasn't easily able to find the information I was looking for and it seemed like most of the old CD burning articles from the web aren't around anymore (15 years is pretty long in internet time).

Anyways I had some 74 year old records that I transferred to digital to send to some relatives. Most of the people I'd be sending them to just have a CD player but some of them are more technologically savvy. So I wanted to make a CD that could be played in a normal CD player as well as have some html with information and extra pictures.

I've heard this called a "mixed mode" CD but some of the references to this seem to indicate the data track is always the first track with the audio tracks following it all in one session (Something about this being used in old CD based consoles).

I initially tried creating a "Mixed Mode CD" project in InfraRecorder but this results in the data track being visible to CD players as 10 minutes of silence. I next tried making an audio CD and not finalizing the disc and then adding an extra data track and finalizing that. I think its possible but I must have messed something up because this disc was unreadable by CD players and any machine I tried it on.

What eventually worked was using CDBurnerXP and their method mentioned here.
Start a new audio compilation and use the following burn settings:
+ Finalize disc is unchecked
+ Track at Once (Pause between tracks) is selected
+ CD-Text is unchecked

Burn audio.

Then start a data compilation and make sure that finalize disk is checked.

Burn data.

This worked and I can play only the audio in regular CD players and view the data files on any machine as usual.

If anyone knows the specifics for how to get the same results in InfraRecorder that would be helpful. I didn't have any extra blank discs to try out different ways but it should be possible.
haven't hear or thought about these in a looooong time. I do have a few retail ones kicking and played with making my own, back around the time you first joined the forum ;)
Yeah I knew it was possible and I remember old discs that had it but I was concerned the method for making them might have been hard to find. Hence posting here for others and in case someone remembered a better way.

As an update I made about 11 or so disks and they all seem to work fine. It wasn't as automated as I hoped but it worked for the small number I needed. I didn't take the time to find a better solution but I'm sure someone knows another way.

On a related note I was able to store all the CD audio tracks and their uncompressed wav files as well as several high quality photos of the records in case anyone can recognize them.

I included a little webpage to display all of the pictures descriptions and embedded audio and I forgot how slow it loads all the images from the disk.