Mitsubishi 1080 does anyone know what does this mean


Nov 10, 2018
Trying to fix the setting for the input picture is blurry n it's blue what I do to fix it I was clear but reset the tv now it's not clear
Is there a system setup menu where you can adjust the focus of the projector?
It's a CRT RPTV.

You probably need a desperate lens cleaning, re-alignment, re-convert, test for leaky caps, validate burn in, and readjust focus.

If you don't know what you are doing, you can kill yourself on the inside as well FYI.
Just junk it imo

If you are in America most certainly yes. God I'm so lucky with my old one I had it sitting in my dining room, contemplating how I was going to smash it to bits in order to haul it off. The dish network guy asked about it and I'm like bro, we can throw this in your van right now. OP might have to pay someone to haul it off at this point
Seriously people need to let shit go lol. It is like my mom's old projection TV from like 2004. She asking me to take some where to get it repaired. I was like fuck that and brought her a $300 Vizo.