Mini PC with removeable WiFi Adapter


May 19, 2021
Hey y'all, Long time lurker, thanks for helping me out with so many projects over the years. I need to purchase a hefty Mini-PC with no wireless module(s) attached. This requirement means it cannot contain a wireless module (which is not the same as just disabling it or disconnecting the antennas, etc). The Mini-PC needs to be COTS and not a DIY build. I was hoping to find Intel NUCs with removable m2 wifi/bt adapters but all of the NUCs I have are integrated wireless. I was also looking at the Lenovo M90n but those seem to have integrated RAM and 8 GB isn't going to cut it. Any suggestions????
the dell optiplex 3080 micro units we have at work have removeable wifi and uses sodimms. COTS? comes off the shelf?