Microsoft will now preview the future of Windows with new Canary channel"


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Dec 19, 2005
"new Canary channel will preview major changes to Windows and will include builds that are available soon after Microsoft has built them."

"Both Intel and Microsoft now seem to be preparing for the as yet unannounced Windows 12. Intel has been reportedly mentioning Windows 12 internally for its next-gen CPUs that will likely launch in 2024. Microsoft hasn’t announced any plans for Windows 12, but the company has been hinting that future versions of Windows will focus on AI improvements.
“As we start to develop future versions of Windows we’ll think about other places where AI should play a natural role in terms of the experience,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s head of consumer marketing, in an interview with The Verge last week. Windows chief Panos Panay also claimed at CES earlier this year that “AI is going to reinvent how you do everything on Windows.”"


>implying that Windows is a coal mine

Steam needs to get crackin' on a full OS for gamers, when Windows went basically free that was the real canary.
why not just hire some QA and test it themselves so they can release a quality product to consumers?

or even just build a solid stable platform for people to compute on instead of trying to add a bunch of stuff nobody asked for and trying to switch things up every six months just to act like you did something?
Stop talking sense sir. This is a Microsoft product we're talking about.
I am not sure here, would people be not really ready but enthusiast about testing my product and creating a real world feedback loop because they are exited (or feel special having the chance to do so), why would I not do it ?

Almost everyone in the position where it is a possibility do.
We learned long ago that internal QA only covers so much ground. Bugs will always get through. Feature flagging things, releasing them in rings, and open betas end up with better software in the mid and long term.
Taking a queue from Google's Chrome Canary builds, eh?