Microsoft Outlook password


Nov 7, 2016
I want to resolve the Outlook password problem. Could anyone suggest me a proper way to recover password in outlook? I have forgotten it.

Any help will be appreciated,
... and this is for _your_ email account? Not like you "accidentally" forgot the password for someone else's account?

There is clear reset steps on their page.
This is one thing that is a pain to work with in Outlook, the password prompt could be a number of different things actually wrong aside from the password itself. You need to get to the e-mail host and log in through there. If that fails to take the password, they usually offer a password reset function that will either text message a link to reset it or send it in an e-mail to the admin account. If you don't know who is hosting the e-mail, run the domain through and check out the server it is pointing to then go to that site or Google it:


This may not always help because e-mail firewalls will lie in between this MX record and the actual e-mail host. In that case, you might want to contact your IT department if they were involved in setting up the e-mail.
n00bie account whose first post is asking how to recover a password. Not suspicious at all.
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I deal with forgotten, fatfingered, caps locked, non-AD-replicated, federation-fubared passwords on a daily basis, its nothing new.