Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in VR


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Oct 25, 2004
Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in virtual reality, with support for every major headset on the market...the news was announced by Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, who calls this "the deepest and most immersive virtual flight experience in the new simulator to date."

VR support has been one of the FlightSim community's most-wanted features, something Neumann acknowledges in his announcement, and feature was initially expected to release this Autumn before a slight delay...the free update is available now and will work across Oculus, Valve, HTC, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets...

Wanting to do a full system upgrade for this, and for the DCS stuff. It's beginning to look like a much bigger undertaking than I had initially thought... :X
I'm looking at a new system, no discrete gfx cards available. Probably go Alienware i7, 32GB, 512sdd and a 3080. After that then I'll start spending the real money on aircraft lol.
Anyone else still playing this - VR is getting much better - if you stick with it and tweak settings. Live weather has come a long way, this is Boeing field set to "Clear skies"


This is the "Live weather" rendering - Seattle just became the worst air quality in the world, due to wildfires

The PMDG 737 Nextgen is a tour-de-force of a complex aircraft - designed with the help of Boeing.
2022-10-03 (1).png


Other aircraft, particularly aircraft of historic importance, or ones that I fixated on as a kid really pull me in to the sim. The Beechcraft D18 is one of them. Apparently today, Seattle received some much-needed rain to start clearing out the smoke
2022-10-20 (14).png

2022-10-20 (13).png

But at 6000 feet it's all blue sky
2022-10-20 (8).png
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