Microsoft Announces New Meltdown/Spectre Updates


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Microsoft is making some Intel microcode updates available for the Fall Creators Update, but these are only for specific Skylake processors. This update is currently available here. Also, Microsoft isn't letting up on antivirus companies and they are going to continue with stringent compatibility testing. Until hardware fixes are in place for all processors that suffer from these vulnerabilities I expect Microsoft and other OS vendors will continue to patch as much as possible on the software side. Look at the bright side -- at least we're getting something.

In a series of announcements today, Microsoft announced a handful of new tools it recently released as part of the ongoing fight against the Spectre and Meltdown threats.

As of February 13, x86 editions of Windows 10 now have updates to address both vulnerabilities. Previous updates had covered only 64-bit versions of Windows 10.
'For now, this fix is only available through the Microsoft Update Catalog, KB4090007. Attempting to install the update on a device with an unsupported CPU or a Windows 10 version other than 1709 results in an error message.'

Huh. The update worked for me: Lenovo Z580 / i5-3210M - WIndows 10.0.16299
Any other company in the world would have been forced to replace their product at no cost to the consumer. For some reason, Intel is immune.
Microsoft says itself that you need a BIOS update and the OS patches to fully fix the problem. I doubt many motherboards will get an update. I don't know how effective this patch alone is.
What's the difference between this OS "microcode update" and what you would get in a normal BIOS update?
I'm on a recently purchased x99 taichi because x299 8 months ago wasn't appealing and I got an Intel subsidized 6850k.

So ..... I'll never get a update I guess
Have microsoft stopped security support for windows 8? these updates are for windows 10 only.