Micron to Ship Intel Optane Competitor Later this Year


Extremely [H]
Oct 29, 2000
As has been reported a lot, Intel and Micron co-developed the new 3D Xpoint Technology that is behind Intel's Optane drives. With all the buzz about Intel's Optane today, Micron wants you to know that they will be shipping their own version of the 3D Xpoint technology branded QuantX later this year. Unlike Intel, they don't appear to be going after the standalone cache-drive market, but rather are looking to sell their technology to SSD makers so they can use it in their products. It isn't clear which storage makers will use the technology, or if it will be applied as expensive all QuantX high speed drives, or traditional Flash based SSD's with built in QuantX caching.

This is certainly interesting news for those of us using either AMD or older pre-Kaby Lake Intel platforms that won't get Optane support.

QuantX installations could look different from Intel's Optane. Micron is aligning with emerging throughput technologies like Gen-Z, which could expand QuantX from x86 to ARM servers. The QuantX storage and memory will also have its own controllers and sit close to the CPU for quick data transfers, cutting potential bottlenecks.


Jan 22, 2002
The whole optane thing is pretty disappointing, intel making cache M2 drives. No real product that can beat samsungs m2 drives that do 3GB/sec.
Optane was hyped but failed to beat out flash, 10x faster or 100x faster means nothing unless a product that comes out can do that.


Feb 6, 2007
If Intel can make the level of refinement they made going from the original X25 to the second generation then they will have a very compelling product.