Micro SD memory made in America


Limp Gawd
Oct 14, 2007
I figured this was the best place to post this. It's made in America week. I need to upgrade the sd card in my phone

Is there any micro SD memory that is made in America or is it all made in China and Southeast Asia.

The chances of you finding an actually American made microSD card are literally null and void - while that Micron fab plant in VA makes the NAND FLASH storage itself, that is then shipped over to some other place outside the US for final assembly into the actual microSD packaging (the plastic that makes it into the microSD card form factor, basically). As long as you get something from Samsung, SanDisk, and maybe Patriot you should be doing ok, other brands might not be nearly as trust worthy.

Then again those three are the most counterfeited ones as well so, the suggestion then becomes: don't buy Samsung, SanDisk, or Patriot microSD cards from anything but reputable well known resellers. If you buy a 64GB Samsung microSD card from a run down Mom & Pop convenience store on the corner of 7th and Avenue J for $5 there's a good chance it's not gonna be the real deal. :)

Pay attention to what you're doing, if you're in a store someplace look carefully at the packaging before making the purchase and use common sense based on the pricing. There's an app on the Google Play Market (not sure if it exists on iOS) called SD Insight and it will pull the important info from the chips on the microSD card and tell you if it's a legit one or fake so make sure you install that and if there's any problems with the card(s) you buy return 'em.
i didnt want to depress him lol If you wanna do an American thing, go pay more at the local hardware store or mom and pop store and buy the chinese one from them. Though their margin probably sucks, you are keeping your money in america so to speak more so than buying anywhere else.
Lol that is ok. You are right there lots of ways to buy American. Thanks for the info
I was going to say lexar (micron) but apparently the name was just completely discontinued. Not sure what name it's being made under now.
pny apparently made in NJ be careful though none of mine worked that well i think they might be fake though...

but imho get a samsung evo series card from best buy or walmart they need to pay the min wage employees somehow