At this point my faith in Epic to even support this game is nil. I contacted their support regarding whether or not they would have cloud saves(something I love about Steam) and if there were going to be any install/activation limits(never know even if it seems unlikely). I got a generic email with a link to support for Fortnite. A few days later I got a survey email regarding their response and I repeated my questions along with mentioning I wasn't asking about Fortnite. That was last week.

Not happy with their handling of 2 simple questions or this exclusive, so I'll just wait until it comes back to Steam. You'd think such a small company trying to make a big move like this would have greater care for prospective customers. Not a good way to start.
Survey emails don't go through customer service. Try replying to the initial auto reply instead.
I'm honestly fine with the epic launcher. It's lightweight and simple. It does exactly what I need it to - Download the game. Period.

I hate the cloud saving stuff, and I hate all the overlay non-sense as well. It's all just bloat to me.

I moved my documents folder to one drive as it is, so all my games are 'cloud saved' at this point anyways.
My only quess is they are currently inundated with a million entitled gamers asking them when their brand new store front will have ALL of the features that the other Store front added over a 15+ year time-frame.
Give it time, nothing happens overnight.

I assume cloud saves will be added shortly, much like how they amended the refund policy. It is something I would like to see, although I hope they make it better than Steam's cloud saves. Steam isn't very flexible at all, hard to understand what save files are what and often doesn't work. But at least you have the option.

- Cloud saves
- Different install versions of games in a fluid, sensible way (which Steam still lacks)
- Gifting system / inventory for non-activated games (not sure if they have this yet)
- If a game is sold out, tell us when we purchase it - yes I'm still pissed Steam sold me an Ubisoft game and I had to wait 4-5 days for them to send me a CD key
- Something similar to the news page mainly for developer patch notes and whatnot

I think that is about it for the useful features. There maybe be one or two I am forgetting, but those are the core features that are needed. Stuff like trading cards or Twitch Steamers / pop ups are bloat that I wish would be removed from Steam and don't want to see those emulated elsewhere.