Metro Exodus Graphics Advice


Mar 22, 2012

I have a PC with following spects :

- Intel i5-9600K
- 16 GB RAM
- GTX 1660 TI Graphics card
- Dell U2312HM Monitor @ 60hz

I wanted to know 2 things :

a) Is Ultra settings good enough in the game
b) Should I enable Nvidia RTX & Ray Tracing in video settings or not. I heard latest driver from Nvidia supports ray tracing.

Thank you,

unlike BF5 where only reflections are ray-traced, with Metro Exodus global illumination is used with it so it's a much better demo for the technology...but with a 1660 Ti you're going to get a MASSIVE performance hit (way under 60fps) even if you use Medium could lower some in-game settings and use a higher RTX setting but it's a compromise either way
I wouldn't enable RT with the 1660 Ti
See how far you can crank the settings without it and enjoy the game.
You may be able to run Ultra with that 1660, I'm not sure.
I have two 1080 Ti, of course SLi is not supported, but I can manage 50 to 80 FPS on Ultra with pretty much every setting on the max.
There really isn't much Ray Tracing effect in Exodus, mostly shadow modeling, so you aren't missing anything.
The game is beautiful without all that, especially in DX 12.

That said, RT tanks the 2080 Ti so I think you'd struggle and not enjoy it.