Jun 22, 2008
Breathe in that nuclear winter, the latest sequel to 4A's post-apocalyptic shooter is set to release sometime in 2018. For the last decade the Metro series have been graphical power houses and used for our very own benchmarking. I've only finished Metro 2033 myself back in 2010, but this new entry looks spectacular, dog lovers need not apply at the 3:16 mark.

Check out the trailer.

Formed in Kiev, Ukraine in 2005 by Oles Shishkovstov and Alexander Maximchuk, former employees of GSC Game World. In 2006, the company started operations and began development on the 4A Engine, which would be used in 4A Games' forthcoming titles. 4A Games is a multicultural game dev studio with offices in both Malta & Ukraine, known for its atmospheric FPS, Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light & Metro Redux.
Is this real game play? Some parts looked like a play through without a HUD and other times it looks pre-rendered.

You need to play Metro Last Light OP.
The lack of a real hud is great. Really like that. Did not like Metro 2033. Now Metro: Last Light was pretty good. This trailer gave me a Doom shotgun first person feel. Metro games are really fun and can be tedious at times. Will likely buy this on sale though. Metro series usually have tons of bugs and glitches that never really get fixed. One thing about games I dislike is being underground so much. I like fighting above ground. The Metro series is usually on par with bleak nuclear winter games like Fallout. Still waiting for games to now use 6/8/16 cores for gaming. Maybe some 32/64/128GB ddr4/5 5GHz ram. I want higher resolution textures 4k/8k/16k/32k support options. Better modding support, better modding tools from the devs. Really start pushing the boundaries. Instead of making games for consoles first and making a port of it. Have a dual install for consoles also. Games these days can usually auto detect hardware anyway. If the game is 300GB+ install, so be it. Also have an install option of console or PC or install both to take on the road. I also don't know jack about programming.
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Looks good. Will play since I went through the last two. 2018 looking good with this game and Far Cry 5. To ice the cake, how about a Bethesda Skyrim or Fallout.
big fan of the Redux series, can't wait to play this one
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This is the game I'm looking forward to most so far for what's been shown at E3. Looks killer.
Metro has been a great series. I really should finish the second game at some point. It's just I have kind of lost my taste for FPS games over the years. It does look incredible though, I think my 1080Ti just started crying though, just like all the graphics cards that I have tried running a metro game on in the past lol.
The first Metro, when you get to the library, scared the ever living fuck out of me.

Yeah, it made you have to muster up the courage to turn finish it. That was some freaky shit, to make matters worse for me I had ran out of ammo and only had a knife.
big fan of the Redux series, can't wait to play this one

Oh Yeah!
So am I - although I have to be honest and admit I haven't played that much of either and both are in my long list of "games I really need to get around to playing and finishing at some point".

...this looks really good though and based on the previous 2 it should play as well as it looks :)
trailer was awesome. I just hope we get a new stalker one day

Yeah, agreed.
I think the new remake in the Cry-engine might be it for a while, but it would be _awesome_ if a developer purchased the IP for the games and made a new one. One of my favorite game series of all time. Such a fun mix of FPS, RPG, exploring and a really great environment...I was hooked from the first game. I've played them all, modded them as well as Lost Alpha and a couple of the full conversion mods - like OGSM.

...I'm gonna have to repeat though that the Metro Exodus trailer looks awesome!

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