Merging wired wan with mobile 4G LTE wan connections in the same router


Jul 30, 2007
Hi to all,

Sorry for this stupid question but I'm curious. I just bought a 4G LTE router (Asus 4G-ax56) for my secondary home in my hometown which I don't visit very often. I don't want to request a dedicated internet line for this house because I'm not there all the time and thought I'll just get a 4g router and insert my other sim card in it to get internet for the kids while in there. My question is, if I request wired internet later and hook it to the wan port of the same router, how will the router behave? Can I merge the two wan connections for a better connection and more users? Or the router can only deal with one wan connection at a time? Or maybe if I really want to somehow merge the two connections I will need another dedicated router for wired lan and then somehow connect them both using an extra device?
See page 61 of the user manual--Dual Wan. If you have any additional questions, post them here.
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See page 61 of the user manual--Dual Wan. If you have any additional questions, post them here.
My bad. Can't believe I missed that. I just read it. It looks straightforward. I don't have the router yet but it shouldn't be a problem. So if I select the load balance option, some users will utilize one connection and some others will utilize the other so less pressure will be put on one single connection if so many users are connected to the router, right? And of course it is like the speed will add up.
I don't think it will combine them into one. IE adding capacity of both together. Look in the manual for failover mode. primary would be wired and LTE would be backup


Failover is the first option. Load balance is the option I'm asking about. Yeah, it will not combine them into one. But one will support the other. I suspect I will have two dynamic IP's from my ISP. Some devices will connect using one wan connection, and some others will connect using the other one. Sorry I'm in lack for proper networking terms here.