merchant account for website and in person payments: boiled down to square or PP


Jun 21, 2008
ive pretty much boiled down my choices to square or paypal pro.

square pros:
i like square because there is no monthly fee and smaller percent however i do have to pay one time $85 for an extension to integrate it into magento (unless i am missing something here)

its a trusted and overall great system


square cons:
does not take paypal as payment method

pp pro pros:
takes all forms of payment, including paypal

pp pro cons:
$30 a month


both services offer relatively the same thing with mobile card reads etc. does anyone else want to weigh in? has paypal ever deterred someone from buying over square? my thought was to do square and then offer paypal express option on the site but now i am managing two different places.
You might also consider Costco merchant services. From the website, it looks like they charge 1.22%+12 cents per in-store transaction and 1.99%+25 cents per online transaction which may work out to be cheaper depending on where you do the most volume and price tiers of typical transactions.

Of the two options, I'd probably go with Square just b/c fuck Paypal lol. Too many horror stories of them freezing accounts and holding onto funds for months.