Memory for a laptop


May 20, 2021

I want to upgrade the memory in a laptop HP Pavilion 14-n012ax F3Z82PA, but I don’t know which module to choose?
laptop has a free slot
the specification contains the following parameters
Memory clock speed:1600 MHz
Memory layout (slots x size):1 x 4 GB
Memory slots:2x SO-DIMM
Internal memory type:DDR3L-SDRAM

what is the maximum volume that can be set?
please write some examples of which memory to choose )))
That is an awfully old/slow laptop. Are you sure you want to be putting any cash into it?

That said, Most any DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM in the open slot should work fine. Example, another.

More RAM might help it out, but if you're still using the original HDD and haven't already upgraded to a SSD, that's what's really going to hold it back (but again, at this point, probably not worth the cost for that system).
Another thing you could do is open the laptop and see exactly what memory is in it and then just search for that model number on ebay or something.

I would double check the actual memory configuration before you buy another stick of RAM anyway just to make sure.
According to the manual, the maximum memory is 8GB so you would just need to purchase another 4GB stick. If you want to match what is already there, the HP part number is 691740-001. Looks like these sell used on eBay for $13.
yeah its just standard ddr3l-1600 cl 11. im holding one right now but p/n is 641369-001(althougth that doesnt say L for some reason, but it is). either p/n should work fine BUT new is only $24, so id skip fleabay unless that $11 reeaaaallllly makes a diference...
If you can't find anything about the ram slot compatibility on hp's official website, crucial's may be helpful:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that you should be able to get away with a 4gb upgrade if you are careful about your memory usage. If you are likely to keep multiple programs running and lots of tabs opened whilst browsing you'll need more.