McAfee Claims Cryptomining Attacks Are Up 4000% This Year


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Mar 3, 2018
A new report from McAfee Labs claims that the total volume of "coin miner" malware has grown over 4000% since last year, and over 60% since Q2. Hackers are apparently moving away from ransomware to the more "lucrative" field of cryptomining malware. Malware attacks are up in general too, though the report notes that mobile malware attacks are slightly down since last quarter. Interestingly, McAfee has also been tracking "Targeted Attacks Motivated by Cyber Espionage," and documented several incidents and pieces of malware that allegedly came from state-sponsored actors. The full PDF is available in the article.

In Q3, the Advanced Threat Research team recorded more than 35 publicly known targeted attacks. Cyber espionage was the biggest motivator for these attacks. The activities were mostly related to political tensions in several regions that inspired nation-state groups to conduct cyber operations to gather intelligence.
Given the current price that would make sense. Have to get more people infected to make the money.
Given the number of people complaining to me daily that the updated firewalls keep blocking them from sites saying "A Virus was detected on this site" , and comparing that against the decrease in those same people complaining that "My computer runs like hot garbage" I would say this is accurate.
I'm sure McAfee wants you all to get their protection software to increase their profits by 4000%