Maxed out 2019 15.4” MacBook Pro - $2800


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Sep 24, 2001
I took a bath on valuation after the 16” models dropped. I originally spent over $4000 on this laptop. Planning on moving to ARM, but for those that need compatibility, this is an excellent option.
It's my primary computer and has spent a good chunk of its life on my desk attached to an eGPU. It's handled my numerous 4k video renders handily.

15.4” MacBook Pro - Space Grey
Intel 2.4 GHz 8-core i9
32GB of RAM - un-upgradeable
AMD Vega 20 4GB - a big upgrade in terms of cost and performance over the 560x and Vega 16
1TB SSD - un-upgradeable - okay so this is the only thing that isn’t top spec, but the 4TB option was +$2000

Comes with:
Original Box - with plastic still on it, I neatly cut out a rectangle on all products when opening.
All box contents - USB Power Cable, 85W Charger, paperwork - I should note, that Apple does NOT supply a charger extender and neither does this sale.
Moshi iGlaze Matte Clear Case - missing feet on the case, but I would argue those aren’t possible to keep on - the case itself is awesome, probably the best laptop case I've ever used in terms of fit and finish, but the feet fall off of it. Case has been on since day one.
Display Protectors - 1 applied since day one with some wear on it and two extra unused ones. I will admit they are a pita to install and uninstall which is why I haven't bothered replacing the one with wear on it.

Applecare is expired.

If someone has strong interest I’ll post photos - but I would describe the laptop in near mint condition. No dents, dings, nicks. Minor port wear, which is mostly unavoidable with USB-C devices in an aluminum chassis. Some nicks on the Moshi case.

$2800 - I’ll pay the shipping and insurance cost, you pay for fees. PayPal and Venmo accepted. I’ll only ship to well established sellers/buyers.

Local pickup in Los Angeles County (or OC/IE if you want to drive and depending on location. I’m actually between LA and IE). If you’re doing local then there is a strong preference for cash.
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