Matx Nas Case?


Jul 8, 2019
hi all i was wondering i seen super micro has a proprietary Nas case that has 4 3.25 bays, is there anything else out there comparable but would fit a amd apu im matx? only asking as id use a 10gb nic and either a amd apu or a 3600x and 4 nice 14tb seagate iron wol drives or better.
thats actually nice as my old case was a silverstone GD08 wich is great and all but this is more suitable to what ill need i can keep adding drives as storage needs grows.
matx iswhat im looking at need least 2 pcie slotsone for gpu 1 for 10gb nic and pcie 4.0 for boot drive would be very nice, got a sabrent rocket 1tb pcie 4.0 drive waiting for a this build.
damn the CS381 is over $600 shipped but guess thats an investment as itll most likely be the last case ill need for home nas till require a rack,
No option to get it locally ? It costs 300 euros in Europe. Not cheap, but nowhere near $600.
i found on amazon $559 + shipping ebays even worse $569 + 189 shipping + duties
found it on amazon for around $438 cad + shipping, ill wait on tax return, it'll be a good investment as i can get many drives any size, and i can use the other nas as a network server/backup server,
thats really nice and itd be easier cable management with raid cards and the sff breakout cables. damn they updated it and it doesnt have the same amount of internal storage, leat ones on amazon, and ebay,
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Don't even think about DS380, unless you plan running it with 4 disks or heavy modding, it will be loud and boil your drives (even slow 5400 rpm disks) - very poor design of drive cage.
It you don't mind MiniITX. you could also grab a Fractal Design Node 304:
Has mounts for 6 hard drives. You can use the single PCIe slot to add 10gbe, and just use AMD 3400G for serving files/casual gaming.

Since when have you needed more than 8 threads for driving a fileserver (and you can always upgrade to zen 2 APU this summer, if 16 threads is what you crave) They limit the processor PCIE lanes on Raven Ridge to 8x, but that's still twice what you need to drive the 10G expansion card.

I've been using the Node 304 as an HTPC for 8 years now. Even with a couple hard drives plus GTX 960 plus core i5 quad core , it has been fairly quiet with the included fan controller on medium (you could probably run with just disks on low, which is silent) You're not going to beat that amount of included airflow for that price/size.
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smallest id go is matx as i still want the pcie for expansion found pair of lsi megaraid nytros fora steal and would love to tinker with, itll have 2 sas ports and 400gb mlc cache,
Check out u-Nas. Currently out of stock but built my NAS in it and love it. I had a Node 304 prior but wanted more drives and hot swapability after dealing with a messed up array a few times. Also I just liked the faux Synology etc. NAS look vs. a non-descript tower.

8 drive chassis for $220+shipping, 2 120mm fans, SATA/SAS backplane, PCEI slot, 1U PSU, probably biggest downside, though after living with it (in the same room as living room), it rarely spins up unless moving around a ton of files and even then its way better than I thought

Case Link
thank you ill take a look not to fond of paying $600 for a nas case lol ill weigh the options ty all for these great options.
My NAS is running inside a Fractal Design Define R5. My next one, after I need more drives than what that case can currently hold will be the Define 7 or Define 7XL. (Define 7 can accommodate up to 14 drives)
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Cheap used HP micro servers work. My current nas is almost 8 years old. 4 hot swap bays and I added a 5 in the cdrom bay. It's low powered but for media and general file storage it works great. Use freenas 11.3