mATX Case with 4xxx FE support and front mount AIO


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I am quite partial to Fractal and Corsair generally, I have had several for various builds, but I don't think they have a model I want for my current build desire.

Presently have the build in my signature and with the AIO I just barely fit the 6950XT in there. WIthout the AIO I could probably get close to a 4000 series, but I don't want to dump the AIO for the CPU.

I only do NVME storage so I'm not concerned about removing drive trays to fit a longer PSU if necessary.

Any suggestions? The front mount AIO isn't as much of a desire as it is a requirement for RAM clearance, I'd rather it be top mount but that requires an enormous case for the clearance.

Edit: for clarity... in the same ball park as the Mesify 2 Mini if possible, google-fu is not pulling up much. I don't want a lot of extra space - not looking to put a mATX board in a full sized case.
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Feb 1, 2005
Which 6950XT do you have? The FE is supposedly "only" 304mm long.